8 Waves Resort & Waterpark Escapade

It was blissful to have finally been able to take some time off from work to spend my birthday.

The trip we took was actually “hitting two birds with one stone” since the resort and hotel we stayed at was also the same venue of the wedding reception of good friends who also got married the day after my birthday. And yes, I was still multi-tasking even on my supposed vacation. 😀

And that resort was 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel located in San Rafael, Bulacan.

We have never been to the resort, so with the help of my friend who was the one who got married, he provided us the directions to travel by public and private transport.

Public Transport Option #1 – Manila – Baliuag, Bulacan Town Proper:

  • Go to Baliwag Transit Terminal, located at EDSA, Cubao.
  • Take the bus with signage going to Baliuag, Bulacan.
  • The last bus stop will be the terminal of Baliwag Transit in the town proper of Baliuag, Bulacan so one need not worry where to get off.
  • Outside of the bus terminal, there were a lot of tricycles who could ferry you to resort.
  • Bus Fare – P75; Tricycle – P50 to P150 (depending if you are alone, in a group and baggage; 2 pax inside the cabby then 1 will be a back ride).
A Baliwag Transit Bus going to Baliuag, Bulacan town proper. Photo grabbed from Baliwag Transit’s Facebook.

Public Transport Option #2 – Manila – 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel:

  • Go to Baliwag Transit Terminal, located at EDSA, Cubao.
  • Take the bus with signage going to Cabanatuan.
  • Be sure to clear with the bus assistant that you are getting off at 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel. The resort was just along the hi-way going to Cabanatuan, so you will alight in front of the resort and will be cross to the other side of the street. Resort was on the left side of the street coming from Manila.
  • Outside of the bus terminal, there were a lot of tricycles who could ferry you to 8 waves.
  • Bus Fare – P85 to P90.

The second public transport option I got directly from the bus assistants themselves. They suggested that we just take the Cabanatuan bus so we do not need to go through the small towns and instead just take the DRT hi-way if there were available bus trips at the time we arrived at the terminal. Since there was a long line and no bus available yet, they asked us to take their bus instead going to Baliuag, Bulacan town proper.

After exiting the toll of Sta. Rita, it immediately became apparent why the bus assistant suggested that we take the Cabanatuan bus. Traffic was so bad as the bus went through each town of Guiguinto, Plaridel to Baliuag.

We left the terminal at 2PM, but arrived at the resort at 5PM; was checked in on our room at 520PM. The “an hour and a half” travel time that most travel sites said that was needed to get to the resort was actually 4 hours because of the traffic. If we would have taken the Cabanatuan bus, we would probably saved an hour worth of trip.

Click on the link to get directions on how to drive using private transport going to the resort. There are 3 different options via Google Map.

As we try to cozy up for the long line of traffic, there were vendors who came up to the bus to offer us their fares. I bought a pack of pilipit, one of my favorite snacks, and 3 for P50 bundle of lengua de gato after we were given a free taste of the milky biscuit.

Pilipit is a crunchy sugar-glazed bread twist, made from flour and egg, then deep fried and rolled in white sugar. (photo grabbed from Pagkaing Pinoy: Mga Tinapay sa Panaderia.)
Pilipit is a crunchy sugar-glazed bread twist, made from flour and egg, then deep fried and rolled in white sugar.
(photo grabbed from Pagkaing Pinoy: Mga Tinapay sa Panaderia)

When we arrived at the hotel, too late for the 2PM check-in time, I was so sure we wouldn’t be able to get a room for the night where we would be forced to rent out a cottage inside the resort or sleep on the lobby.

Good thing that we were still able to get a Superior Room for that evening, but the bargain was we would have to transfer to a Standard Room the following morning since the room we were given has been reserved already for a guest.

The Superior Room came with a queen size bed, very spacious room actually, with TV, refrigerator, a mini-bar, a toilet with bath.

And right after having our breakfast the following day and before we started preparing for the wedding, we transferred to a much smaller room, right across the hallway. The toilet was decent in size, but there was no tub. But everything else in the room were amenable. See below the pictures of the resort’s standard room.

Due to the holiday season, the resort hotel had a promo ongoing then that room rates would be based on the # of pax for a flat rate of P888 (if I still remember it correctly).

A Superior room’s rate per night was P4000 and a standard room’s rate per night was P3500. Supposedly, we should be paying P7500 for 3 days, 2 night accommodation. But because of the promotion, we only paid P5328 in total, that was already inclusive of complimentary breakfast with the resort’s branch of Pancake House and access to the resort’s amenities.

Not bad, right?! We saved P2172 in total!!!

Just for that alone, we are now planning a visit again on the next holiday. Check on this link to get the room rates for the resort’s hotel.

Make sure to remember to get your stubs since you will need to present them to Pancake House for your complimentary breakfast. There’s a stub as well that the resort security will be taking when you use the amenities. If you needed to go out of out the resort, you just need to get “stamped” on your wrist and flash it when you want to go back in. There are separate stubs for day and night swimming so be aware of which stub you need to submit.

The only time we were able to enjoy the amenities was on our last day on the resort. We tried night swimming after attending the wedding, but the water was too cold for us, but I doubt it would be the case during summer.

We were very fortunate that the resort was not packed full even if it was the holidays when we visited. We were able to enjoy a good swim, play and goof around in their pools.

Safari Pools with Slides


Hydro-Jet Bubble Pool

Kiddie Pool



A trip to the wild side with the T-Rex!!!



A calm wave pool!



Hotel entrance was so cozy.


We would definitely be back!


Amenities – ★★★☆

Service – ★★★★★

Value – ★★★★★

Thank you for taking time to read!


“In the end, we only regret the chance we did not take.”


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