Be Who You Want Your Children To Be

I sort of agree & disagree.

“Agree Predicament.”  As parents / guardians of any child, we should always try to live a life of example.  Children are like sponge. One day, Jem saw & heard me clucking and the next thing I knew she was making the same sound on her own.  Obviously, your kids adore you, so every action you do means the world to them or see that you are perfect and will never be at fault.  As a guardian, the best thing I could teach Jem is to ensure that when I make a mistake, I owe up to it, apologize for doing it and make sure not to do it again.  Life will never be perfect.  And as “role models,” we should aim to do just that so they would want to be like us when they grow up.


“Disagree Predicament.” We are not limited to becoming something just because of the shortcomings of our parents; the same way goes for our children.  Whatever mistakes we have made in our lives, it should be an inspiration to do better for the sake of those who depends on us, especially the kids.  “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree” is only for people who thinks less of themselves and couldn’t veer away from the shadow of their parents (good or bad).  It was mainly an excuse to do nothing about their lives. Second best thing to teach Jem that was taught to me as well:  “There’s a whole lot of opportunity out there waiting for you, better than the ones I had in my life.  If I did well in my life, I know you will definitely do greater things with yours.”

I dedicate this to all the parents and guardians (godparents/aunts/uncles/big brothers/big sisters/cousins/friends) of any children out there.

**Original post was from my Facebook account 2 years ago.**

Be Who You Want Your Children To Be

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