The Legacy of An Aunt

Two years ago, I thought that I was destined to be a fur-mommy to our fur-babies until the day I die.  And two years ago, all that changed with the arrival of my niece, daughter of my sister.  Her name’s Jem and we fondly call her Dayday or Baduday. Since her mom have to work to support herself and Jem, I was automatically the assigned caregiver and guardian. Jem have been with me since she was two-weeks old.  And now that my sister works abroad, she will be in my care indefinitely.

And about the same time two years ago, I have created a Facebook account for Jem, where I posts her pictures and videos to keep family and close family friends updated of her new antics, milestones, etc.  I also started an album post on the same Facebook account where I share lessons in life that I would want Jem to eventually read when she’s old enough and responsible enough to handle her own Facebook account.  I called it Life Lessons To Guide You.  And in this section of my page is where I would want that continued.


 Jem at 10 month-old, my +1 in a wedding of a friend we attended

God may not have blessed me my own child, but now I know now the reason why.  It was because He would entrust Jem to show me that I still have a lot in me that I can offer, making me realize that I have not learned the true meaning of love and sacrifice yet until I was given the responsibility of another life to take care of, and most importantly to make me feel forever grateful for the opportunity of spending the gift of ordinary days with the people that matters in my life.

The Legacy of An Aunt

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